In the world of massage therapy, every massage therapist is unique. It is easy to find a general swedish massage or trigger point therapy. But finding a therapist that has the anatomy knowledge, intuitive touch, and the strength to provide results, is hard to come by. Many therapists walk into every massage with a protocol, resulting in moderately satisfied clients. That is not enough for me. Sure every person has the same muscles, but you are unique in the way you carry tension, pressure you can handle, and the way your body releases.  In every massage, I am always listening to what my hands are telling me, no matter how many times I have worked on you. Most importantly there is always open communication to ensure complete comfort, and a direct path to wellness.

Some people prefer working with a female therapist but struggle to find one with the ability to work deep enough. I am confident I provide comfort, without sacrificing strength. My sessions are not only about massage, but also about providing integrative therapy that applies to your daily life. Including stretches, strengthening exercise recommendations, and the opportunity to create wellness and balance. 

I am a well known sports massage therapist in the Anthem area also specializing in prenatal, chronic pain issues, and Thai yoga massage. In 2008, I graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and became a dual licensed Massage Therapist, and Natural Aesthetician. I have continued my studies in natural health, herbal medicine, and bodywork. As a massage therapist, I have worked for chiropractors, day spas and a wellness center in the Phoenix area. 

This is my passion, and I am honored to have the opportunity to work with you, creating a more balanced existence all around.

For any questions, or to schedule an appointment, contact me at: or 602-799-4435

A client once told me that my massage was the perfect blend of art and science. Prior to this compliment, I hadn’t yet put my massage philosophy into words. After reflecting upon it, I realized that what this client told me was the reason why so many massage therapists are lacking.  There is a duality to massage that many seem to ignore, but realize when one half is missing. Most massage therapists are solid in their knowledge, but many treat a person like a rough lump of Play-Doh. Others are quite caring and soothing, but lack the strength and techniques to break through the layers of tension people carry.    

What separates my massage from others is my ability to blend science and art. I learned early in my career not to judge a book by its cover. Some people require a stronger hand than meets the eye; others require a gentler touch.  It has been said that we are our own best healers. I believe this to be true. We know ourselves, we know what we need, and we know what we can handle. My most important job as a massage therapist is to listen, both verbally and nonverbally, to my clients. After all, if we are our own best healers, why wouldn’t I listen to those who can help me the best? 

I have spent most of my life in customer service, so I feel communication is my strong suit. I am also fundamentally sound, earning top marks in school and serving as an ambassador for the massage program at Everest College in Aurora, IL. Finally, I have dedicated my life to fitness and wellness, keeping my body in top condition so that I can give a maximum effort with every person. 

My calling in life is to serve and make others feel better. Massage is my gateway to do so and I am honored to give all that I can.

For any questions, or to schedule an appointment contact me at: or 623-377-0307 

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